Transition Poem 16 @ Nov. 24, 2016

Sarah Sarai
Beyond Reach

By sleight-of-hand
               her fellow
        copulator keyed 	into 
        a studio of sheets  
and walls a matching 	floral, 
       a singing room from
Les Parapuilles de	 Cherbourg, 
     and copped a snatch of 
her     warm	brain 
     to sell on a green island glittery 
like Dr. Moreau’s. 

     San Francisco nights 
         in a lair 
         were	squawked by 
the ruffian-breed, 
        half-	human blue jays, 
half over the edge with 	details 
like frayed twine	odd strands of hair 
        and 	sweet grass 
     scattered on sheets red
     as sky	aching that daylight 
     	   stay and stay. 

     The selling was cheap.  But ]

the punishment nil.  	Another 
this woman 	beyond reach of 	
        a million stupidities,  
zip-locked against 	smirks and 
legalities of any too-	eager for facts.


1-1Sarah Sarai’s Geographies of Soul and Taffeta was published by Indolent Books.