Poem 30 ± November 30, 2016

EDITOR’S NOTE: This poem is posted in preformatted mode to preserve the lineation and spacing. You may need to use the horizontal scroll to read the ends of lines. It’s worth it.

Michael J. Wilson

You have AIDS

			have AIDS

			What if you	
				could be purified 		in fire
set from the feather of a phoenix
						#beautiful #epic #YOLO

	Aider, why aider why –

The ad on Craigslist has the face of a famous actor superimposed on the naked torso
of Colby Keller
					the ad says 6’1”blk/bl175lb8.5thickuc	the ad
says	piss	blood	PnP 420 poppers must travel you host no fats no fems	white 
only –	
						Have + need –

	The ad says no bs				the ad says pic or no response

					whow stop touch –

					Hand under shirt – to the piercing – in my nipple

			There is that moment when the world seems to spin out of 
control – when you could back out pant up + go out – into the cold –
	the moment before fucking
					before too late to think about –

have AIDS have
	whow stop touch,	aider whow –

						All our sexual life we have been afraid
of getting having gotten had had having
		because	that is what happens
			ask anyone –

						At the door to the building you pause
	take in the button you are about to press		imagine – the scent –
afterwards –
		on your fingers –

logoMichael J. Wilson‘s first collection of poetry, A Child of Storm, is out now from Stalking Horse Press. He is an adjunct in the Creative Writing & Literature department at Santa Fe University of Art & Design in Santa Fe, New Mexico.