Poem 362 ± May 31, 2016

Ina Roy-Faderman
circadian rhythm

your body clock
the heart’s
talking cells speak
of red endless
circles like
the salt of the
ocean flows through
the world that is
you that lives with
one hundred
thousand lives across
your skin and in
your mouth that lips
can breathe out
explorers touch
galaxies shared
within an embrace yet
so far away when we
touch atoms collide or
move between
one another and we pass
through each
other ghosts that
settle into dust
but never die
never part


Ina Roy-FadermanIna Roy-Faderman started writing fiction and poetry while in medical school, and started publishing after completing her MD and starting a PhD in medical ethics. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in Punchnel’s, Pif Magazine, Writer’s Digest Magazine, and Right Hand Pointing. She is the editor of a volume of poetry from the August Postcard Poetry Festival, forthcoming from Five Oaks Press. Ina lives near San Francisco, where she works as school librarian and literacy coordinator at a school for gifted children. Ina also teaches philosophy long-distance for Oregon State University.

This poem is not previously published.