Transition Poem 55 @ Jan. 2, 2017

Marie Coma-Thompson

Magic, do as you will
and let the beaches fall
into the asses
of the people

and let the speakers
have their voices switched
for nails and high-pitched

and let the rocks
fill up with water
and soften at their edges,
and I say

I will throw you.

I say

You will be a legend to
all water

and I say

I’m closing my eyes now, and
let’s see
who you hit


Marie Coma-Thompson lives in Louisville, KY where she teaches Kundalini Yoga and attends graduate school for clinical mental health counseling.  She has been a featured reader at the Speak Social reading series as well as a featured emerging writer at the InKY series. Her work has previously been published in Maudlin House.

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