Transition Poem 63 @ Jan. 10, 2017

Stephanie Kaylor
On Board

truck: commodities for bart-
er or exchange, etymologically
preexisting the engine, its
oil & mechanics only incidental
((bearing no weight no name
but that which was waiting at
the loading dock
like a virgin womb
finding itself taken


in Pennsylvania
the men were always
real men waiting
was the road between
and there

on the horizon
a woman in diamonds,
the lipsticked outline
of a sun setting into No


a girl waits
at the truck stop
where she heard her life
will be great

in the passenger’s seat
of a vehicle made for one
solitary driver sweating

his crumpled bills still
warm in her faux leather
purse, he told her
afterward she owed him

pants around his ankles

a withering erection
pointing toward god


Stephanie Kaylor is a student at European Graduate School whose research interests include feminist theories of relationality and narrative structure. Her poetry has appeared in journals including Queen Mob’s Tea House, BlazeVOX, and The Willow Review.

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