What Rough Beast | Poem for November 8, 2017

MinSoo Kang
Burial in Petrichor

tombstones take the shape
of tree stumps
I see the cracks webbing
around on their surface
dried mud in summer

a woman with no face kneels
like a broken harp
the grass around her are aged
strands of hair

in petrichor
the smell of dried maple
and thunderstorm
rise from the ground
the hornbills scour for food

on the same ground
i buried regret like a child
burying his pet goldfish
with a plastic shovel


MinSoo Kang is a junior at International School Manila. He is pursuing his interest in Sport Science and Psychology. He started writing seriously just this year. He works with the families of the victims of Duterte’s drug war in the Philippines. “Burial in Petrichor” was the very first poem he wrote.

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