What Rough Beast | Poem for October 4, 2017

Andrew K. Peterson
Polar Bear and Rosé

Say whenwhen
in the kingdom of enough is enough is enough
is enough Say whenwhen
Your favorite utopias lie unlisted among
hypercolor presents & baked Freon pools
from the city’s many working window units when
what I cannot stir is what I cannot ask when
so what I don’t know is what to say when
I have to say something like to hurl myself at the hill
that scores everything unsummoned
in a symphony for the school district’s
thousand broken instruments
with a bowed bass-line at the bottom of its vibrating wheel
Let it be the cloud above, a leveler
Above my tiny kingdom of buttercups say when
When you say say when and I say when when
we both just about fill to the brim without going over, then


Andrew K. Peterson is the author of The Big Game Is Every Night (Locofo Chaps, 2017), Anonymous Bouquet (Spuyten Duyvil, 2015), and bonjour meriwether and the rabid maps (Fact-Simile, 2011). His work appears in Emergency Index 2012 (Ugly Duckling Presse) and has been featured in museum exhibits and performance projects. He edits the online literary journal summer stock and lives in Boston.

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