What Rough Beast | Poem for September 4, 2017

Zachary Taylor Knox

this country of white children confounds me,
they cried for liberty while they enslaved those
were already happy to be free, all for their overlord’s
favor so HE would have labor for free to
increase the his luxurious property
these white kids never needed chains
they volunteered for their slavery
all they needed was the illusion of someday
being a part of the institution that rode workers
to their graves
when the dream finally as all dreams do fades
they cry out like babies because their world is
empty and gray, so they chase and tree their oppressors
they claim was the aggressor, silence the enlightened
few that protest the absurdity of the feud
all because of the petty fear they might lose their hot wings
and beer the next year


Zachary Taylor Knox’s poems have appeared in Ealain and Penny Ante Feud. He lives in Fort Madison, Iowa.

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